Cadillacs Bar & Grill

Location: Exmouth, Western Australia
Phone: 0899491000

Cadillacs Bar & Grill - the Honkey Tonk experience on the extraordinary Ningaloo!
Cadillacs Bar & Grill is full air-conditioned and ideal for a counter lunch/evening meal. For those who would like a A-la-Carte Menu, Cadillacs can also look after you! Telephone 08 99491000.



The feel of Memphis, the beauty of Ningaloo and the spirit of New Orleans.
Great value for money! The lunches and evening meals are fantastic. You can also watch TV on their large screen!
So next time your in Exmouth, try Cadillacs Bar & Grill for a well deserved night out!



Located in the heart of Exmouth township!

Hours: Open nightly 5pm - 10pm, lunches 11.30am-2pm Mon-Fri