Driftwood Jewellers (Craftmasters Pty Ltd)

Location: Exmouth,Western Australia
Phone: 0899494245
Fax: 089949 4246
Mobile: 0407 194 889

DO YOU LOVE PEARLS OR JEWELLERY! Then come along and browse through Driftwood Jewellers, they have a wonderful range of beautiful jewellery to choose from!


From Pearls, to Jewels - Barry & Helen welcome you into their shop for an exclusive look at their local pearl collection.
Telephone 08 9949 4245
Fax 08 9949 4246



Located in the Driftwood Centre, just up from the Ross Street Mall Shopping Arcade.

Hours: Open 10am - 4pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 12.30pm Sat (Closed Sunday)