The Ningaloo Centre

The Ningaloo Centre is Exmouth's new state-of-the-art research, education, tourism and community hub. This landmark facility is host to first class conference and community spaces, and is the ideal gateway to your extraordinary Ningaloo adventure.

The Ningaloo Centre boasts three engaging visitor galleries. Through images, interactive elements and curious artefacts, the interpretive display areas deliver an entertaining and educational exhibition experience – the perfect introduction to this wonderfully distinctive and storied region.

The En Route to Exmouth gallery explores the history of the town of Exmouth. Founded as an American military base in the 1960s, the exhibition showcases the town’s evolution from a military town to a tourism and fishing centre, the maritime and military history, and the unique character and characters of the area. Ride the Red Bus and step inside the 'Cyclone Room' to experience what it was like to go through Severe Tropical Cyclone Vance; the most powerful cyclone to ever cross the Australian mainland.

The Reef to Range gallery introduces visitors to the wildly diverse flora and fauna that lives between the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National Park. An impressive aquarium stands in the centre of the marine display, showcasing living specimens of local marine life native to the Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf areas.

The Terrestrial gallery explores the ancient landscapes of the region. Discover the unique cave systems, ranges, dunes, gorges, stygofauna and geological systems of this fabled terrain, and the rare and endemic species native only to Cape Range National Park.

For more information on the Ningaloo Centre, visit: www.ningaloocentre.com.au.

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Facilities for People with Disabilities or Special Needs


Public Facilities

Exmouth Swimming Pool: Easy access ramps, a disabled lift and wheel chair accessible toilets and change rooms.

Public Toilets (Exmouth): Wheel chair accessible public toilets located in Kennedy Street Carpark (top of Ross Street Mall), Federation Park (off Maidstone Crescent), the Ningaloo Visitor Centre, Town Beach picnic area and the Exmouth Marina.

Public Toilets (Coral Bay): Wheel chair accessible public toilets located on town foreshore, Robinson Street.

Disabled Parking: Numerous disabled/special needs parking bays are positioned at primary vantage points within the Exmouth town centre and key facilities. This includes the Ningaloo Visitor Centre.

Beach Wheel Chairs: Specially designed beach wheelchairs are available free of charge at Exmouth’s Town Beach (via the Exmouth Yacht Club), Coral Bay (via Department of Parks & Wildlife information hut) and Turquoise Bay (via Milyering Discovery Centre) in the Cape Range National Park .


Accommodation for People with Special Needs

Exmouth Cape Holiday Park - One cabin with wheelchair access and bathroom facilities. Motel rooms with wheelchair access and bathroom facilities. Wheelchair access to camp kitchen and recreational facilities. Wheelchair access to toilet and shower block which has disabled facilities.

Ningaloo Lighthouse Caravan Park - Two bungalows with wheelchair access. Ablution block has disabled facilities.

Ningaloo Bed and Breakfast - One room with wheelchair access and disabled facilities. Wheelchair access ramp into house.

Ningaloo Lodge - One double room with wheelchair access and disabled bathroom facilities.

Ningaloo Caravan & Holiday Resort - Accredited by disability services. Wheelchair access into reception, pool area and backpacker dorms. One 2 bedroom chalet with wheelchair access and disabled facilities. Wheelchair access ramps and hand rails into the pool. One ablution block specifically designed as disabled facilities.

Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort- Two disabled access standard rooms and two disabled access 1 bedroom apartments on ground floor. Restaurant on the ground floor, no stairs to negotiate.

Potshot Hotel Resort - Resort studio room located on the ground floor has wheelchair access, large shower and hand rails. 3 single bed room.

Yardie Homestead Caravan Park - Ramp into shower block, one shower has handrails. Caravan Park is compacted dirt for wheelchair access.

Ningaloo Coral Bay (Bayview Caravan Park) - One ground floor lodge room with wheelchair access and disabled facilities. Ablution block with disabled facilities.

Ningaloo Reef Resort (Coral Bay) - Four ground floor rooms with wheelchair access and disabled facilities.



GAMEX is Western Australia’s premier fishing event. Held in March each year by the Exmouth Game Fishing Club, GAMEX offers teams the chance to compete for 23 different prize categories targeting over 35 different species of game fish - including all six Australian billfish species – in the fish rich waters off Exmouth. No other fishing tournament in the country offers such diverse and productive fishing within a short distance from shore.

In GAMEX 2014 there were over 100 billfish tagged each day - catch and release numbers that rival those of the world's very best game and sport fishing tournaments. Large and small vessels participate in GAMEX, with experienced and novice anglers fishing side by side. All fishing areas are close to launching facilities, moorings or marina pens, and the wide range of species and tournament sections ensure everyone has a great chance of winning a fantastic prize.


But GAMEX is more than just a fishing tournament.  The GAMEX social calendar features functions, children's clinics, gourmet evenings, family fun days and team dress-up nights. The event also includes scientific studies, educational sessions and product information. In short, a wealth of activities for both anglers and non-anglers.

Dates for GAMEX 2018 are March 16-24. For entry forms or more information on GAMEX 2018, visit: www.gamex.net.au or contact the Exmouth Game Fishing Club.

To view or download the GAMEX 2017 information brochure, click the image below.

GAMEX 2017 Cover thumbnail


Manta Rays

Like the whale shark, manta rays are filter feeders that feast on the large amounts of zooplankton and coral spawn found along the Ningaloo Reef. These imposing yet totally harmless rays can grow up to 5.5m wide, making them amongst the largest creatures in the ocean.

The Ningaloo is one of very few places on the planet where manta rays can be reliably located year round, providing visitors the opportunity to swim with these very inquisitive and playful creatures. Coral Bay in particular is a manta ray hot spot, with a resident population of mantas, many of which are so well known they’ve been given names. Isobel, Grace, Ouch and Whoopi are just a few of the local Coral Bay mantas. The waters off Exmouth also play host to manta rays, with numbers at their highest between May to November.

Manta Rays 2

One of the major reasons Coral Bay is such a magnet for manta rays is the number of cleaner fish stations found along this section of the Ningaloo Reef. Manta rays visit these natural stations to allow small cleaner wrasse to feed on and remove parasites and dead skin from their bodies; a symbiotic relationship benefiting both creatures. Hence, the manta rays return time and again to these special places and often gather in large numbers.

Visitors have the chance to swim and interact with manta rays on dedicated manta ray snorkel tours which operate out of Coral Bay right throughout the year. Coral Bay manta rays are generally found and swum with in the Ningaloo Lagoon, inside the Ningaloo Reef, in water depths below ten metres.


Manta Rays 1

Whale Watching

The Ningaloo Coast, and in particular Exmouth Gulf, sees the highest density of humpback whales in in the Southern Hemisphere during their annual 11,000km migration from Antarctica (June to November). During this period, an estimated 30,000 humpback whales visit the Ningaloo Coast on their way to their breeding and birthing grounds off the Kimberley.

Humpbacks are typically seen along the Ningaloo Coast from June, but numbers peak during July-November when these whales gather in and around the Exmouth Gulf to rest up before making their return journey south. At this time of year, many of the humpbacks are mothers with newborn calves which can be seen at close range.

In a first for Western Australia, tours to swim with humpback whales are now available out of both Exmouth and Coral Bay. Snorkelling with Ningaloo humpbacks provides a whole new perspective on the size and majesty of these great whales, with snorkellers permitted to approach within 30 metres of a humpback for a mind blowing face to face interaction. Humpback whale interaction tours are available from August to November.


Humpback 1


Humpback whales are the fifth largest of the great whales, weighing up to 40 tonnes. They are also a very active whale species which can often be seen rolling around on the surface, slapping their fins and tails and even regularly breaching clear of the water; a spectacular sight you’ll never forget. Other whales that are regularly sighted off the Ningaloo Coast include blue whales, orcas (killer whales), pygmy blue whales, short-finned pilot whales, dwarf minke whales and Bryde’s whales, making the Ningaloo one of Australia's premier whale watching destinations.

Humpbacks can be sighted from the shore, with Exmouth’s Town Beach, Bundegi Beach or the lookout atop Vlamingh Head both good vantage points to spot them off in the distance. But for a guaranteed close up perspective, jump aboard a humpback whale watching tour departing from either Exmouth or Coral Bay to enjoy an up close view of the spectacular antics of these incredible creatures from the luxury of a custom built tour vessel. 


Humpback 2


Turtle Nesting

The Ningaloo Coast is recognised as one of the most important nesting grounds in the world for green and loggerhead turtles. Mature female turtles make their arduous journey from the sea and up the beaches to lay their clutches of eggs from roughly November to March. Six weeks after laying (roughly January to March), the hatchlings emerge and make their dash for the relative safety of the sea.

Visitors to the Ningaloo at this time of year are welcome to view these poignant natural events, however, it is imperative neither nesting females nor hatchlings are disturbed or interfered with. Non-invasive turtle viewing requires a detailed understanding of the nesting process and appropriate interaction behaviour, therefore, visitors are asked to follow a strict code of conduct for self-guided turtle viewing, or join a Department of Parks & Wildlife led, guided turtle viewing tour.


A copy of the Ningaloo Turtle Watchers' Code of Conduct can be obtained from the Ningaloo Visitor Centre or Exmouth Department of Parks & Wildlife office on Nimitz Street, Exmouth. This should be viewed as essential reading for anyone viewing nesting turtles, and the code of conduct followed to the letter.

Visitors can also find further information on the marine turtles of the Ningaloo coast at the Jurabi Turtle Centre. Located on Yardie Creek Road, around 20kms from Exmouth, the Jurabi Turtle Centre is an interpretive educational facility adjacent to a regular turtle nesting beach. The centre was constructed in recognition of the urgent need to minimise the impact of human disturbance on nesting turtles along the Ningaloo coast. The centre provides a wealth of information on marine turtles and marine turtle conservation, and is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Violeta J Brosig 19 of 23

Lookouts & Walking Trails


The Cape Range National Park boasts several fantastic walk trails, many of which offer spectacular views over the range, canyons, Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth Gulf. However, caution should be exercised when bush walking the Cape Range National Park, especially around canyon areas which have steep walls and can be dangerous due to loose surfaces.

Between December and March, days of extreme temperature exceeding 40°c (104ºF) are common. Walking the trails of the Cape Range National Park is not recommended during this period. Don’t go on your own - always let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Cave areas are unsafe due to oxygen deficiency - for your own safety please remain on existing walking trails. Always carry plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Vlamingh Head

The lookout at the base of Vlamingh Head lighthouse offers one of the best ocean views on the Ningaloo coast. A full panorama of the tip of North West Cape can be enjoyed here, which includes the Harold E Holt Communications Station VLF towers, Muiron Islands, offshore oil rigs, Ningaloo Reef and the township of Exmouth. Vlamingh Head is also a favorite place for visitors to watch the sun set over the sea or spot humpback whales during their annual migration from June to November.

Mandu Mandu Gorge

Mandu Mandu Gorge has a 3km walking trail which allows access into this dry gorge. The trail starts at the end of the Mandu Mandu track and follows the northern ridge of the gorge, offering stunning panoramic views of the gorge and the Ningaloo Reef.

The trail leads down into the creek bed from where you follow the base of the gorge back to the car park. Please be aware this is a class 4 trail that is often rough and requires walkers to possess a moderate to high level of fitness.

Yardie Nature Trail & Yardie Creek Gorge Trail

The Yardie Nature Trail/Yardie Creek Gorge Trail is a 2km, two part trail that starts with a 1.25km, class 2 trail that requires no particular level of fitness. The Yardie Nature Trail follows a gentle, well defined path that winds along the edge of Yardie Creek, offering views of Yardie Creek and the Ningaloo Reef.

At the end of the Yardie Nature Trail, the 750m Yardie Gorge Trail begins. This is a class 4 trail that is often rough and requires walkers to possess a moderate to high level of fitness. The Yardie Gorge Trail takes walkers high above Yardie Creek with views over the gorge and Ningaloo Reef.

Charles Knife Canyon

Charles Knife Canyon is accessed via Charles Knife Road, 21km south of Exmouth off Minilya-Exmouth Road. The mostly gravel road follows the razor-backed ridges of the range and provides breathtaking downward views into the stark, multicoloured gorges. There are several lookout points that provide fantastic photo opportunities and a marked walking trail from Thomas Carter Lookout.

Badjirrajirra Loop Trail

Badjirrajirra Loop Trail begins at the Thomas Carter Lookout, off Charles Knife Road. This is an 8km, class 4 trail that is often rough and requires walkers to possess a moderate to high level of fitness. A moderately difficult loop trail traversing the top of the Cape Range, the Badjirrajirra Trail winds its way through rocky gullies, small gorges and open spinifex bushland. The walk also offers views of Shothole Canyon and Exmouth Gulf.

Shothole Canyon

The access road into Shothole Canyon is located off Minilya-Exmouth Road, 14kms south of Exmouth. Shothole Canyon was named after the shot holes left by seismographic charge explosions during oil searches in the Cape Range during the 1950s.

The 4WD only gravel road here follows the base of Shothole Canyon, offering close up examination of the colourful, fossil laden rock layers of the sheer canyon walls. At the end of the 12km road there is a picnic area and short walking trail.      


Life’s a beach
If it’s pristine beaches you’re after you have come to the right place! The Exmouth coastline offers visitors an endless array of stunning, unspoilt, deserted beaches which cater to everyone’s needs: swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, water sports and fishing.

Town Beach
Just 1km from the Exmouth town site, you’ll find Town Beach. Ideal for morning walks and beach combing Town Beach is tidal so swimming on high tide is recommended however low tide is great for playing in the shallows. Town Beach also provides 4WD access northbound along the beach.

Bundegi Beach
Located 12 km north of Exmouth, Bundegi Beach marks the start of the Ningaloo Marine Park and World Heritage area and is a great place for swimming, snorkeling and fishing. A boat launching facility is located at the southern end of the beach and the fish cleaning station is also provided for your convenience at the north end of the beach near the toilet facilities.

Surfers Beach (otherwise known as Dunes Beach)
On the tip of the North West Cape, 17kms north of Exmouth you’ll find a reef break which is popular amongst local surfers but not recommended for beginner surfers. To get there take Yardie Creek Road west then turn onto Mildura Wreck Road.

Lighthouse Bay
Access tracks along the Mildura Wreck Road into Lighthouse Bay provide entrance to a variety of beaches suitable for fishing, surfing, swimming or simply just relaxing. At the end of the road discover the wreck of the SS Mildura, a cattle ship destroyed when it clipped the reef during a cyclone in 1907. Timbers and irons were salvaged and used in renovations for Yardie Homestead. The hull sat on the reef undisturbed until World War II when allied planes used it for bombing practice! These days it provides an ideal sanctuary for baby Sharks.

Jurabi Coastal Reserve
The Jurabi Coastal Reserve offers a variety of beaches and diverse marine habitats to discover and explore. From low scrubland down to pristine white beaches, rocky shorelines and scattered reefs there is an amazing array of terrestrial and marine creatures inhabiting this unique coastline. One such creature is the marine turtle.

Visit the Jurabi Turtle Centre, a collaborative project between the Shire of Exmouth and Department of Parks and Wildlife. Constructed in recognition of the urgent need to minimise the impact of human disturbance on nesting marine turtles along the Ningaloo coast, it is an unmanned outdoor interpretive centre and is open to the public at all times. The centre houses a creative range of materials and provides information on turtle biology, threats, conservation measures and the correct way to observe nesting turtles without disturbing them.

Welcome To Ningaloo

The Ningaloo region (Exmouth, Coral Bay & surrounds) is the eco-adventure capital of Western Australia. Whether this is your first visit or you are a repeat visitor to this unforgettable part of Australia, the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Coast offers extraordinary experiences for the whole family.

The Ningaloo Visitor Centre is the tourist information and bookings hub of the Ningaloo region. Ask the local experts!

Ningaloo Visitor Centre

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