Snorkelling the Ningaloo Reef

Nathan Wills - Oyster Bridge

The following snorkel sites can be reached by conventional vehicle but for the more adventurous, there are sites that can only be reached by 4WD. Please note that for sites in the Cape Range National Park, entrance fees will apply. Snorkel gear is available for hire or purchase from the Exmouth Visitor Centre.


Exmouth's premier snorkelling sites are all located in the Cape Range National Park, roughly 42kms from Exmouth town. All are easily accessible from the shore. 


A great snorkel spot for swimmers of average fitness and capability. From the carpark, walk 400m south along the beach to the marked entry point. Snorkel out in a northerly direction for 150m before returning to the original entry point.

Turquoise Bay Drift

Access to the Turquoise Bay Drift run is from the 'Drift Snorkel' carpark. From here, walk south along the beach for about 300m before entering the water. Swim straight out and let the current carry you north over the vibrant, fish filled coral gardens. Exit the water at the sand bar which marks the start of Turquoise Bay proper.

Be aware that this area can be affected by strong currents due to a break in the reef further out. These currents are usually strongest around the sandbar at the northernmost end of the drift snorkel run. This snorkel site is suited to swimmers of at least an average fitness and snorkeling ability. Please be sure to visit the Exmouth Visitor Centre for tide information and recommended times to snorkel the Turquoise Bay Drift.

Turquoise Bay

Snorkeling within Turquoise Bay itself is quite rewarding and easy - a perfect spot for beginners to practice their skills! Enter from the beach and snorkel out over sand and coral bommies. Currents do not normally affect the bay area, but always check conditions to be sure.

Oyster Stacks

This site is great for fish life and is best accessed on a high or incoming tide. Take care entering the water as the shoreline is rocky with some sharp oyster shelled areas. Enter the water at the end of the walking track and snorkel either north or south. Please be careful not to stand or touch the coral gardens as they are easily damaged.

Always be aware of currents, weather conditions and tidal movements before entering the water. Never touch coral or marine life - you may damage it or it may damage you! Snorkel equipment can be hired from the Exmouth Visitor Centre. 


Bill's Bay

Located at the end of the Robinson Street in Coral Bay, the sheltered waters of Bill's Bay make for an ideal swimming and fantastic snorkelling beach. Easily accessed by foot from any accommodation in Coral Bay, verdant, fish filled coral gardens are just a short swim from the beach. Average water depth is around 3 metres. This particular snorkeling site is close to the boat mooring area so please be aware of moving boat traffic while snorkelling.

Purdy Point

Purdy Point is located 500m south of Bills Bay. Snorkeling from this point allows access to some fantastic coral bommies. Please stay away from offshore channel markers as there is often a lot of boating activity here.

Other recommended sites such as Oyster Bridge and The Lagoon require 4WD access. There are tour companies that offer tours to these snorkel areas. For more information, please contact the Exmouth Visitor Centre. 




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