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Emus, Emus and More Emus (and Kangaroos Everywhere). Year Round.

Blue Media - Emus 2012-08-22 16.16.01These friendly natives are our very own welcoming committee to the area. It’s a regular occurrence to see them wandering the streets and walking through the Exmouth town centre. They are WILD, so please show them respect, give them the right of way and DO NOT FEED THEM. Please note that wildlife such as kangaroos are prolific around dawn and after dusk, so please drive carefully.



Light and Heavy Tackle Game Fish. Year Round.

Jimmy BlueFishing is fantastic year round off both Exmouth and Coral Bay. There are over 30 different game fish species to be found off the Ningaloo Coast, including all six Australian billfish species. As a result, the Ningaloo region is recognised not only as the premier game fishing destination in Western Australia but also one of the finest destinations on the planet. Don’t miss the week-long GAMEX Game Fishing Tournament, held in March each year.


Whale Sharks. March to August.

Blue Media Exmouth for EVC website-12Exmouth and Coral Bay provide an opportunity of a lifetime – to swim with the majestic whale shark. Whale sharks generally arrive around March and remain until mid August. They congregate along the Ningaloo Reef to feed on microscopic creatures known as zooplankton, offering this unique opportunity to snorkel with the world's biggest fish. Don’t miss the Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival, held on the last weekend of May each year.

Manta Rays. Year Round.

Violeta J Brosig 138 of 188Manta rays can be seen year round at Coral Bay or generally between May to November in Exmouth. They often congregate into large packs, allowing snorkellers the incredible opportunity to swim and interact with these playful creatures.



Humpback Whales. June to November.

009706-786Humpback whales are the fifth largest of the great whales, weighing up to 40 tonnes. They make their annual migration up the WA coastline in winter, and can be seen from June to November along the Ningaloo Coast, during which time the Ningaloo boasts the highest density of humpback whales in the Southern Hemisphere. Tours to swim with humpback whales are available out of Exmouth and Coral Bay from August - November, or if you would prefer to stay dry you can join a whale watching tour to view these magnificent creatures up close.

Reef Sharks. September to February.

sharkSkeleton beach in Coral Bay is a known nursery area for harmless reef sharks. Around this time each year, large numbers of juvenile black tip reef sharks can be found inhabiting the shallows. White tip and grey reef sharks can also be sighted within this area.


Turtle Nesting. November to March.

Violeta J Brosig 19 of 23Green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles are a common sight year round along the Ningaloo Coast, with the turtle nesting season running from approximately November to January and hatchlings emerging from roughly January to March. A strict code of conduct applies when viewing nesting turtles, so please call into the Ningaloo Visitor Centre or the Department of Parks & Wildlife (DPaW) to obtain a copy. Evening tours to view nesting turtle are available from December to February; please contact the Ningaloo Visitor Centre for more information.

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